Round Barn Apothecary
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 Jen Scott Founder, Round Barn Apothecary  photo by Calli Webb

Jen Scott
Founder, Round Barn Apothecary
photo by Calli Webb

Our Philosophy

Round Barn Apothecary's mission is to create small batch, nutrient rich, thoughtful skincare that's locally harvested, natural and effective because it's rooted in the science of nature's wisdom.

As a steward of two hot spring resorts in northern New Mexico—Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa and Sunrise Springs Spa Resort—Jen Scott has come to revere the high desert plants that flourish in the intense conditions of the Southwest.

When she couldn’t find products that honored the natural beauty & resilience of the surrounding environment, she looked no further than the ground she stood on to create her own nutrient-rich product line.

Round Barn Apothecary is an ode to triumph over extreme conditions and our own natural beauty.


By choosing Round Barn Apothecary you’re supporting our mission and commitment to partnerships with real people, local farmers and wild harvesters.

Our products are influenced by the mountains, deserts, sky, water and art of New Mexico and the great Southwest; each product is cast in the same shades of pink, sage, and charcoal as the ingredients inside: wild-harvested prickly pear, white sage, blueberry and willow bark.

Our dedication to the best, local and sustainably sourced ingredients means 70 - 97 percent of our ingredients are ‘certified’ organic and come from trusted farmers and harvesters dedicated to sustainable practices. Round Barn is foraged beauty.