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What can nature teach us about beauty?


In the great Southwest, beauty flourishes in extreme conditions — and there is wisdom in the beauty of survival.

Round Barn Apothecary looks to nature's resilience to create small batch, nutrient rich, thoughtful skincare that’s locally harvested, natural and effective because it’s rooted in the science of nature’s wisdom.


Round Barn Apothecary works closely with local farmers and wild harvesters in the Southwest to sustainably source local ingredients. By choosing Round Barn Apothecary you’re supporting our commitment to creating the best natural skincare products we can thanks to partnerships with real people and natural ingredients.


Many of the ingredients we harvest for Round Barn Apothecary’s organic cleansers, masks, polishes, moisturizers and serums—like our  organic jojoba and coconut oils—boast natural sun protection properties. Though the FDA does not test or regulate natural sunscreen and SPF ratings, many of our products contain a sun protection range between 4 - 15%.

Round Barn Apothecary - Natural Sunscreen